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To determine what type of triathlon bike you will need, you must first determine what type of riding you will be doing.

Hardtail-mountain-bike (Photo courtesy of Andy Armstrong)

This is the 2nd tip in our series: “7 Road Bike Shopping Basics” which is also available as a FREE eBook at

Do you like trail riding over rocks and uneven ground, or will you be cruising along the smooth pavement? Are you concerned with distance and speed, freestyle, racing, technical riding skills, or comfort?

The most popular types of bikes are road bikes or the mountain bike.

Mountain Bikes:

  • Built for riding over trails and rough terrain (Most mountain bikers are more concerned with the technical aspects of riding than speed or distance)
  • Mountain bikes have knobby, wide tires for better traction and stability
  • Feature front suspension, shock absorbing forks on the front end to smooth out rough trails and terrain
  • Mountain bikes usually come with three chain rings in the front and eight or nine gears on the rear wheel, for a total of 24 or 27 speeds
  • Have more gear choices for easier pedaling on steep, difficult hills
  • Some use rear suspension, allowing the rear wheel to move and smooth out bumps

Road Bikes:

  • Light, sleek and built for covering mega-miles at high speeds on smooth pavement!Specialized road bike (Photo courtesy of Keanu)
  • Tires are thinner than those of a mountain bike or hybrid, making road bikes faster (somewhat less stable to newer riders)
  • New road bikes now have integrated shifter and brake levers, allowing you to change gears and put on the brakes without moving your hands from the brake levers
  • Road bikes designed for casual and pleasure riding use a triple chain ring in the front, with nine cogs on the rear wheel, allowing wider gear ranges for steep hills
  • Bicycles geared for performance riding and racing usually feature two chain rings up front and nine gears in the rear, because racers require higher gears for competition
  • Curved handlebars of the road bike offer more hand positions, and a lower, more aerodynamic position than a mountain bike and may take some getting used to

7 Road Bike Shopping BasicsAn investment in a newer road bike is well worth the money, and will re-invent the world of cycling for you.

If you have any questions about choosing a triathlon bike, mountain bikes, road bikes, or cycling in general, download my FREE eBook 7 Road Bike Shopping Basics, contact me, or give me a call at (239) 246-2920.

If you live in Florida, please take advantage of my Triathlon Training Services such as a standard triathlon bike fit or an advanced triathlon bike fit.


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